How I found my Calling in games

1. From the sense of Exclusion to the sense of awesome Uniqueness

  • The only Vietnamese/Asian girl at school
  • As the eldest, the one who sets the example for the siblings, acts as a role model
  • The only Vietnamese restaurant in the town
  • The only woman in the room
  • The only female Lead in the group
  • The only single at a family reunion because I made different life choices
  • The only one with a dissident opinion in the group… so it became quickly a problem in a few workplaces. I was perceived as the “rebel” and “dissident”.

2. From a solo-fighter mindset to an inter-dependent mindset

3. Life is a playground: live today fully because tomorrow may not exist. What developed my resilience in life.

  • As an example, I left a stable and predictable life at 27 when living in Paris. I left close friends, a relationship and a long time job with an outlook for promotion to live the experience of working abroad, follow my passion and curiosity to work in an international environment.
  • I built a fashion startup to try it out, and a year after closed it. I wasn’t ready for it.
  • I moved to Finland to discover the Nordic life and what’s behind Angry Birds company.
  • I moved back to Berlin, to open a new studio from scratch.

Closing Thoughts



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